What can you expect when you apply?

If there is a match between you and Kooi, we’d be happy to welcome you into our family. We go through the selection process thoroughly to make sure that you have the characteristics we are looking for, and that you resonate with the DNA of Kooi.

You want to get to know us too. Can we help you realize your ambitions, and do you want to work with us? Every country has his own culture and way of work. Here are the guidelines of the steps we take before welcoming you:

  1. You apply and appear on our camera
  2. We analyse the report: are you a possible match?
  3. No match? Then you will receive a message from us within two weeks.
  4. A match? Then we would like to meet you.
  5. The first acquaintance
  6. We assess you as objectively as possible by conducting a formal assessment.
  7. Second meeting: getting serious. We’d like to be sure that we are a perfect match. You get to decide with whom you want to have the second meeting with.
  8. We want to hire you! We discuss the conditions together via telephone or on location..
  9. And it’s done. Welkom at Kooi!