More than being proud

Grutsk is proud in Frisian. For us, it goes beyond being proud. Each letter represents part of our DNA. Without our Grutske people, we can’t make our dreams come true.


Kooi is a young, progressive Frisian company. We have grown enormously in ten years. Grutsk is a word that sums up all the challenges, the hard work, the long days and short nights, and the passion that we’ve invested on for the last ten years. Grutsk represents our triumphs and growth. And it is a confirmation that we are blazing through the right path.

Grutsk is the common denominator that binds Kooi employees. It doesn’t matter where we come from, who we are or what our background is. We speak the same language, and we inspire each other.


What does Grutsk! mean?

For us is Grutsk! more than just being proud. What does this mean in concrete terms for what we do?


Goal Orientated 
We stand for growth and progress. We achieve our goal with passion and focus.

We say what we do and do what we say. We are reliable, just like our systems and services.

We are pragmatic and we like to keep it simple.

We work as a team, within a family atmosphere. We accept and respect each other. With this personal approach we get the best out of each other.

We stand for quality, knowledge, and service. We are innovative and we work towards corporate growth and personal development.

We are Kooi and there is only one of us. We are Grutsk! (proud) of ourselves and our company.


Come work with us and experience it yourself!