Get to know your colleagues

There’s not much as important in a workplace as the colleagues. They are whom you’ll work with, spar with or who you’ll meet in the hallway. 

Who works at Kooi? What are their ideals and motives? We give you a look at our team. Do you fit in?

Arne Van Der Kooij Accountmanager
"If you want something and work hard for it, you will achieve it."
Arne van der Kooij, Sales Manager Infra

Arne was approached by Kooi. “I got a lot of messages, but this one was direct and therefore caught my attention. What appealed to me was the work dynamic because it has variety. I didn’t have to think long to decide on making a change. It just felt good right away.”

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Tjeerd Veenstra Business Analist
“Show what you have to offer, then you’ll actually find your own niche here.”
Tjeerd Veenstra, Business Analist

Tjeerd believes Kooi to be a company that’s open for change. “If you come up with a good proposal, everyone gets excited and are eager to take it up. With many companies you will hear them say: ‘That’s how we always do it, why should we change it?’ You don’t hear anything even remotely resembling like it at Kooi.”

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Carlo Roffel Centralist Kooi Alarm Center
“With Kooi, you end up at an one-of-a-kind company!”
Carlo Roffel, Operator Kooi Alarm Center

The atmosphere at Kooi is unique. “Kooi was and is a family business. I get along well with everyone including the board of directors. And that’s one of a kind!

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Foto Theodora
"Together with the company’s process of Internalization, you also grow as an individual."
Theodora van der Made, Financial administrator

Theodora has been working at Kooi since June 2018. “Working at Kooi suits me very well. My function falls under the Finance department, and I make sure that the customers pay us. I got to know myself in a different way. I found out that I have more to offer than I thought.”

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