Become a specialist

Kooi is ambitious. You are ambitious. That’s a good match! Realising our ambitions is quite an undertaking. You are responsible for your health, career and general development. As an employer, we support you in this as much as possible. That’s why we incorporate various approaches when it comes to investing in our employees. We summarise all these in the Kooi Academy.

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We’ve based our performance appraisals on the ‘Work Ability’ model developed by Professor Juhani Ilmarinen in the 1980’s. We have tailored the Work Ability model into the structure of our UFO, and our approach entails a two-way communication. We mainly focus on what you can and want, and how we can support you in this. Depending on the common need, we start up a personal development plan or support you on a specific area.

Personal Development Plan

We begin with the alignment of our common ambitions. Then, we work on your personal development plan. The commitment lies fully on you. We provide you with support as much as possible. In this development plan we describe your new position or activities with corresponding competencies. We test whether you have these competencies or not, and then we take targeted actions to develop or enhance these competencies. This may include on the job coaching, providing knowledge sharing avenues or following an e-learning or training course.


The Kooi Studytube is an online environment where you will find general as well as Kooi-specific training courses. There is an available training module for every skill that needs to be developed. As an employee, you have an unlimited access to Studytube. With Studytube, you become a specialist in no time!

On-the-job Coaching

At Kooi, we are all specialists. And we have numerous in-house experts that are happy to work with you. On-the-job coaching is an interactive way of being coached while performing your activities or to take a look at how a colleague performs his job, to attend an internal knowledge sharing sessions or carry out together a specific assignment. This way, your development is reinforced.