Kooi’s Finance is a fun team. The members work hard, and everyone has his or her own field of specialisation. Theodora, a financial administrator has this to say, “we make sure that we have fun at work, and we don’t necessarily have to know what the other is doing exactly.”

Theodora has been with Kooi since June of 2018. “Working at Kooi suits me very well. My function falls under the Finance department, and I make sure that the customers pay us. I got to know myself in a different way. I found out that I have more to offer than I thought. In my department, we work together even if everyone has different responsibilities. By working together, we take Kooi to a higher level.”

Kooi is growing and is continually reaching new heights.
Theodora van der Made, Financial Administrator

A common goal 

And the unique corporate culture of Kooi certainly plays a role in this. “Kooi has grown a lot in the recent years, but we try to maintain a bond with each other. We close the distance by asking each other how things are going and if there are matters of concern. During this Corona pandemic we don’t see each other that often face to face, but we do make use of Teams to regularly ‘see’ and talk to each other.”

The mutual bond between colleagues from different departments is reinforced by a common goal.  “We want Kooi to continually grow and reach new heights. I find it for my own development very important. I want to grow together with Kooi’s process of internationalisation. As a person, you are enriched with the knowledge and experience of different cultures.”

Grutsk is Frisian (the language in Friesland) for proud. It is also an acronym: G for goal-orientated, R for reliable, U for unique, T for together, S for specialist and K for Kooi. Grutsk is in de DNA of the employees. When asked about it, Theodora has this to say, “All the letters in Grutsk befit me. You must resonate to a certain extent with these letters or work towards growing affinity with these letters. Then you can better understand what we stand for and what we’re doing here together. If you’re up for a challenge, then you’re in the right place with Kooi. Don’t be afraid if you’re new to Kooi.” 

When you come to work for Kooi, know that you don’t only become an employee but a part of the Kooi family. We are therefore also curious about what you do in your private life. “I do military fitness. This requires a lot of discipline and perseverance. These qualities are also useful in my work,” shares Theodora.