Business Analyst Tjeerd Veenstra has been working at Kooi since September 2019. He thinks that it’s so unique that Kooi is open to change. “If you come up with a good proposal, everyone gets excited and are eager to take it up. With many companies you will hear them say: ‘That’s how we always do it, why should we change it?’ You don’t hear anything even remotely resembling like it at Kooi.”

Tjeerd started as an intern at Kooi. “Marcel, now a colleague, tipped me off. I looked at the website and found out that Kooi was a perfect match for what I need in line with my education, and what I wanted to learn. This year, I have been with Kooi for two years now and am involved in analysing and optimizing all business processes.”

Tjeerd’s work is mainly project-based. “There are no standard working days at Kooi,” he says. “We work on a project basis, so it depends entirely on which project you are working on. That is also what I like most about my work. Generally speaking, I know what I’m going to do that day, but otherwise it’s always a surprise. Working with Kooi is very dynamic.

Haha! There is no standard working day here.
Tjeerd Veenstra, Business Analist

Creating impact

Tjeerd knew what he wanted from a young age, and he went for it. “I am extremely proud that I have helped Kooi gain more insight into what we are doing. That contributes a bit to culture change. Together we work towards a goal. I also want to grow with Kooi towards further internalisation. The bigger Kooi gets, the more impact we have within the company.”

My daily work dealings happen within a friendly but challenging sphere. My colleagues take a critical look at my work and that is good because it helps me stay sharp. We always work towards a goal. And we always have time for everything else that matters like chilling together with a glass of beer every Friday afternoon.  

Kooi is a great place to be for new employees. Tjeerd shared, “Show what you have to offer, then you’ll actually find your own niche here. Your talents are seen, and they are used as much as possible. The opportunities I’ve already had here, and the things I’ve already been able to do are unprecedented!”