Know what you’re getting into

You have read a lot on this website about Kooi as an employer, what we stand for and what we can do for you. But what are you really getting into? We are happy to give you some inside information and some tips. This allows you to assess even better whether Kooi is a perfect fit for you. Or maybe not. Moreover, with the information at the tip of your fingers, you get more chance at getting that interesting job because you know what Kooi is and what we expect from you.

Inside information

At Kooi, we are one big family. We respect each other and we let each other be as naturally as we are. We joke among ourselves, and we listen sincerely to each other. We are true friends to each other. And we take our job and responsibilities seriously while having fun doing it!


  • Grabbing a coffee? Don’t forget your colleague!
  • Do you need to work on your physical condition? Then join the daily walk during lunchbreak!
  • Do you like to grab a social drink? Then Friday afternoon is your favorite time in the week.
  • Having lunch together and talking about anything and everything is a regular scene in the workplace; from football to motorcycles, from hairstyles to bread trays, all topped with the necessary humor. 
  • Experiencing an energy dip? Take a walk to the Sales Department and give our dog a big hug.
  • You forgot to lock your PC before running to the toilet? Then you’re in for a surprise!

At Kooi, people are down-to-earth and we don’t always celebrate all our successes. But we would like to do that! Would you like to help and remind us that all successes are meant to be celebrated?! Because we love a good reason to party!


Do's and dont's 

At Kooi, we value ‘real people’. Be yourself. That will get you as far as you want. If you have the right intentions, are passionate about the business and would like to learn? Then you’re on the right track! At Kooi, we are not arrogant. It’s okay to make mistakes. We value honesty and openness to improvement. And together, we’ll triumph every challenge that comes our way.

At Kooi, our dress code is neat and informal. We take into accout the applicable safety requirements. If you have an office function with customer contact, we advise you to adhere to semi-formal to formal dress code like neat pants or jeans with a blouse or neat polo, a pull-over when desired and/or a suit jacket or a blazer.

We don’t have problems, only challenges.
Kooi all,

What a working day looks like at Kooi

Everyone starts working at his/her own pre-arranged chosen time and location. Some likes to start at 7:30 in the morning, others bring the children first at school and then go to work afterwards, and others still are working from home and you don’t see them at the office for that day. At the Alarm Center, we work with a health roster. This means two day shifts, two evening shifts and two night shifts followed by four days off. Depending on your position, you have the freedom to manage your own work schedule as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Once in the workplace, you are most likely to begin your day with a cup of coffee or tea and a chat or two with colleagues. In between work we share some laughs and a good story, and we get the job done together. We often work digitally and at the end of the day we leave our workplace tidy. Because we are internationally oriented, we hold numerous meetings via Teams and whenever necessary and possible, we do it face to face. That’s how we do it at Kooi.


Description The application process

For us, the emphasis in an employment relationship lies in the relationship itself. We would like to invite you into our family. As long as there’s a match between you and Kooi then we’re off at a good start. Do you have the skills we are looking for and do you fit into our family?

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Vacancies Working @ Kooi

We are Kooi. We are GRUTSK! Together, we ensure that our customers can focus on building the future while we secure what’s important now. Rest assured; we’ll take good care of you.