Rest assured, we take good care of you.

We have the right place for talented people. We look at what you can do and where you want to further develop. We have high tech systems and work with the latest software, but you make the difference. Together, we chase our dreams.

With more than 150 employees, we are committed to working on the best temporary mobile surveillance systems for camera security and heat detection, and making it available to 22 European countries. From our own offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Denmark and Austria, we contribute every day to building a better future. Our team is young, informal and ambitious! By Kooi, specialists work at every area of the business process.

Our ambition

We work with our customers to build a sustainable future. With our camera systems (Unit For Observation) and heat detection systems (Rising Early Detection), we make it possible for customers to safely and securely work. ‘Rest Assured is our slogan. When the customer goes home, we ensure that work can continue the next day. Together with you, we make our dreams come true, and you can turn your dreams into reality with us.

Your ambition

We do everything we can to make your dreams come true. We take good care of you because ‘Rest Assured’ is as much an assurance to our customers as it is to our own employees. You are ambitious, have fantastic and refreshing ideas and you always want to get the best out of yourself and your team. Together, we work on your ambitions and take you and Kooi to the next level. With us, you can get as far as you want when you’re ready to work hard for it. Then you will truly discover the unbounded possibilities at Kooi.

It is with Kooi that I have discovered my potential. I learned that I can do more than I thought I can.
Theodora van der Made, Financial Administrator

Kooi Academy “Making your dreams come true one step at a time.”

We are happy to help you invest in yourself. Realising our shared ambitions is not easy. We make it possible with our Kooi Academy. Interested in knowing what we can do for you?

Kooi Academy
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Read and prepare Become an insider

Getting to know the employer is one of the important steps you can make to ensure a smooth integration and have fun along the way. That is why it is useful to get information about the one-of-a-kind culture of Kooi, how we do things and how we treat each other. In this way, you get a good impression of the company and its people and hopefully, it will help you prepare for your first meeting.

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